History of 3BG


Our team at 3BG Supply Co. aims to give customers the most effortless way to purchase their industrial MRO products. We are developing technology to improve an industry rife with inefficiencies and decades-old business practices. Because we keep our model lean by using technology, we are able to effectively ship our products factory direct from hundreds of suppliers nationwide. In other words, we are able to sell products familiar to our customers at a much lower price. In addition, we provide customers with the same user experience you might find on popular retail websites such as Amazon and Zappos. Our vision is to couple this model with the industry's most comprehensive “interchange” application for industrial MRO products. Thus, customers can source, identify and interchange products between various manufacturers in a matter of seconds, allowing them to save money and a serious amount of time. Our model is based around the notion of "Simplify and Supply" which serves as our company’s mantra. We pride ourselves in being the new generation of industrial supply and will always maintain an "above standard" level of service to our customers.

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Co-founders Shane and Alex created 3BG because they grew weary of using catalogs. While working for his grandfather's distribution company, Shane identified a solution for the inefficiencies our industry has faced for decades; we lack the use of technology to service customers simpler, faster, and cheaper. The catalyst for the start of 3BG occurred upon a regular visit to a customer where Shane had to identify, source, and supply various products to solve the issue at hand. Shane wasted a considerable amount of time and money throughout this process, mainly because he had to go catalog by catalog just to interchange the products needed. In fact, Shane loves telling the story where he was led to the customer's "Catalog Room" where he stood face to face with an overwhelming amount of paper literature. It was there that he said to himself, "There has to be a better way, one in which I can search a part number and have all the different manufacturers pop up and allow me to purchase right there on the site." Thus, the idea of 3BG was conceived. Today 3BG is a rapidly growing, industry changing business. 3BG is built using the latest technology and is run by an incredible staff. While not fully completed, 3BG is constantly gathering data from it’s manufacturers and suppliers to provide its customers hundreds of thousands of parts.