3BG's Executive Team

3BG Supply Company has many individuals and entities that make it function. Among these individuals are the company's leaders who all have a unique talent that helps make 3BG a productive and fun place to work! Learn more about our leaders by reading their short biographies below. 



Shane Araujo | Co-founder | President

Shane has co-founded and managed three entrepreneurial start-ups over the past five years. As head of all sales aspects of the business Shane is known for his creative leadership and keen insight into the industry's growing trends. Shane's dedication to exceeding client expectations and providing quality leadership to the 3BG staff has been a key foundation for the success of 3BG Supply Company.

Fun Fact About Shane: It took Shane five years of denial with a horseshoe figure on his head to finally get out the shaving cream and razor, thus making 3BG's first bald guy!  


Alex Smith | Co-founder | CEO

Alex is a co-founder at 3BG Supply Co and an Indiana University Graduate. Away from the office he enjoys staying active within the community through an organization he co-founded called A BetterFort. Their goal is to champion young adults to grow personally, professionally and spiritually through an American pastime of philanthropy and community empowerment projects. Through ABF he co-founded the BAALS Music Festival, the largest EDM concert series in NE Indiana.

Fun Fact About Alex: Because he is highly energetic, Alex often runs to different points in the office, sometimes so fast you may miss him in a blink! 


Doug Holt | Head of Product Engineering

If you need a part, this guy can find it. Doug is responsible for almost all technical aspects of our products. Because he has been in the power transmission industry for 18 years, Doug knows almost everything there is to know about why your part isn't working and what we can do to help. Doug also served in the Army for 11-1/2 years.

Fun Fact About Doug: Doug came up with our company's name "3 Bald Guys Supply" one day when he jokingly told the owners (Shane and Alex) "Three bald guys basically founded this company, why not just name it '3 Bald Guys Supply'"? Shane and Alex looked at each other with excitement because they knew they'd just discovered our new name! 


Jeff Gruettert | Operations Manager

Jeff manages the day-to-day operations within the 3BG office as well as integrates new policies, processes and procedures to ensure the business's fluidity. In addition, as a PMP Jeff is responsible for structuring project governance as well as designing, managing and carrying out projects through their defined project life-cycles. Jeff started at 3BG as an intern, but quickly filled the business's operations and project manager role, later winning Fort Wayne's 40 Under 40 award, which is an award that honors young leaders in Fort Wayne.

Fun Fact About Jeff: At random times you will find Jeff making Star Wars, DBZ, LOTR and other references to other team members, trying to keep the 'nerd' alive. 


Benjamin Saralegui | DevOps Engineer

Ben is 3BG's DevOps Engineer. At a macro level, Ben is responsible for helping the Operations Manager carry out automations as well as keeping with 3BG's policies for data integrity. Other responsibilities include data extraction, configuring and managing databases, offline data flow, and hardware/IT solutions.

Fun Fact About Benjamin: While on summer vacation in 5th grade, Benjamin shaved his head completely when starring as Daddy Warbucks in a kids play of Annie.


Rebecca Carter | Bookkeeper

Rebecca overseas all accounting, bookkeeping and administrative matters for 3BG. Rebecca sets precedence for our accounting team and assists in budgeting matters. Of course, Rebecca wears other hats, but these are her primary roles.

Fun Fact About Rebecca: In Rebecca's final year in high school, she shaved her head completely bald for Halloween.


Parker Watts | Account Executive

Parker creates viable product solutions while servicing our customers' product needs. Parker adapted to 3BG's business and quickly moved into a sales product support specialist role, where he finds product solutions for easy and hard-to-get items. If you need it, he can find it!

Fun Fact About Parker: Parker is a fishing guru, talking about his fishing "successes" as much as he can.


Stephanie Schuman | Account Executive

Stephanie has been in the Industrial world for 14 years and intrigued by the variety of manufacturing from mining to blimp making we can supply parts to to fix your machines. Most of my experience is in the electric motor world and however my passion to always be learning has brought me to 3BG because of the vast product offering.

Fun Fact About Stephanie: Stephanie played full tackle football for 3 years for a women's league in Fort Wayne.


Chris Sands | Account Executive

Remember the disk-defragmenter on your computer? Chris is kind of like that except he really enjoys spending time with people and getting to know what makes everybody unique. He's driven by continual learning (and podcasts, bourbon, and cigars) and the concept of Positive Discontent (it's all good, yet all could be better!)

Fun Fact About Chris: Chris used to pretend he was one of the X-Men on Saturday mornings as a young kid. He was only mildly disappointed to learn as an adult that he is in fact a mutant and his special power is wiggling his ears.